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What is the Prayer Watch?

Years ago, Al entered a meditation to more deeply explore a thought Lama Sing had spoken of many times – that prayer is the greatest gift one can give to another. A scene began to play out of Jesus at Gethsemane. From the mist of the fading scene, Jesus turned to Al. Ask them, ‘Will you keep the watch with me?’ The Watch began August 13, 1986 as a phone chain and evolved to internet, with miracle after miracle reported.

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Your request will be passed to the Watch members within 24 hours. (You will only receive a copy of your request if you have signed up to be a member of the Watch. Please be assured your request is received with love and honor.)

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International members receive the requests and feedback on nearly a daily basis and spend the amount of time with each that is right for them. You are welcome to join with us, and pray as you feel guided.

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Some Prayers from Lama Sing:

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