Message from Lama Sing

Posted  July 10 - Seed Thought



This week we decided to use a page from our new book: Seed Thoughts to Consciousness. This excerpt is from a reading given in 2007, and is no less potent now.

Lama Sing:  Whoever shall read these words, we offer this in utter humbleness as your brethren, your brothers and sisters:

There never is a time, in your world or anywhere, where you are separate from God. There never is a time when you offer a prayer, whether under duress or joyful, that God has not heard and answered.

Even though you have chosen pathways to journey in the embrace of finite definition, often pause to remember that you are still the Child of God you were and are before and after this current journey. You have, in terms of time and space (as you hold those for reference), paused for a moment to see and experience from another perspective in order that you can Know the way, no matter what, and that you can claim the power, which is the sweetness and Love of God all throughout.

There is not an ending, in the sense of eternity, merely one step. Thus, as you see what you call news reports, think carefully before you consider the ramifications of these. Think, I am the Master of my domain; I choose how I shall be after reading or hearing or seeing this news.

It is true that the Earth is in a time of change. But change is a beautiful thing, in that it affords the opportunity for growth and progression. There are aspects that are a part of this that have been designated as bad and, indeed, the experiencing of some of these are less than joyful. But it is still a moment in time and space and, when it has passed, you choose whether to continue in a limited form or to return to the beauty and limitlessness of a Child of God.