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Posted Dec 18, ’16 – A New World

[Note: We normally include the audio for the excerpts we post here, but because we are providing the reading in its entirety, for this particular post the audio is not included.]


A New World
A Commentary
by Lama SingTM & Al Miner
Selah – Reading #16

[Given Dec 10, 2016]

SUSAN: Our Father, who art in the Heaven of our heart, holy is Your name, holy is Your name within us. Thy kingdom come, Thy will is being done. I come to You, Father, asking that the loving intention and the beautiful conversation that the Channel and I had this morning be that foundation in which we move, and from which discussion can take place and move to higher and higher heights. (I invite the Curious Ones 1, for as we, who are yet in finiteness, continue our intent for greater and greater Awakening, it is not so different from what you are doing. We are brethren.)

Should it be better that You, Lama Sing, and group would have, so to say, the open mic and do an open reading on this, that that would be the best way to proceed, then the Channel and I are open to this. I am also able to ask questions and participate with you if that would be the better way to go. Father we give thanks for all of these who are gathering with us now to participate with us in this reading, and again, to our brethren, the Curious Ones. Amen.


LAMA SING: Yes, we have the Channel, then, and as well, his mate, and we are one. As we begin in this work, realizing the intent is broader than would be the norm, we invite those who are seeking to know themselves at a higher level of consciousness than would be considered to be the norm … by this we simply mean, those who are seeking to release their old definition, the bonds of finiteness, and these sorts of defined experiences.

And so, as we do this with them and await the arrival of our brethren from distant realms, we celebrate the glory of each of you. Those of you who are a part of the Sacred Circle, you are being blessed greater than you could realize in the current time, for the entrée of the Promise brings to you the pure expression as what is known as the Christ Spirit. And this simply means that it is God’s holy intent that you would know yourselves to be eternal, His eternal Children.

In the celebration of this do we find that each of you brings forth a beautiful Sound; not in the nature as you would reach over and strike one key upon a piano, but a sound that is from within you that is moreso chordant, multi-level, multi-faceted, and the combination of the array of sounds’ vibrations bespeaks your uniqueness to all who know you.

Why is that of significance? Why would we emphasize it here? Because you can be known at great distances merely by the Knowing, hearing (if you will) of your sound, your song. And in many instances, the Channel and others of you have heard brothers and sisters who you have not experienced in the personal sense for a goodly measure of time, and yet, know them as well as if it were a moment or two ago that you encountered one another.

So in the celebration, too, comes the glory of those who remain ever with God as His holy Messengers, His … you would not call them servants, but rather, those who are in service with God to bring to you the greatest realization of your joy that is possible. We continue this celebration in this manner as we conclude it:

Here are we, the Children of God, reaching out to all of Consciousness to offer ourselves unto your any need. So as you see us worthy of filling that need, you would honor us by calling us forth to do so. May it be known by all of those who cannot find a way to the Glory of God, that we are here to illuminate the path for you. And whether or not you have been dissuaded from so doing, or simply know not to do this, we are here, ever at the ready to light the way in God’s Name.

So is it then, that we conclude this opening prayer by stating, may the blessings of the Christ Spirit, within and without, be known by you always.

Thank you.

Well, should you like to begin with comments or questions?

SUSAN: Maybe in this way: It seemed to me, and I believe also to the Channel, that as we began the Selah work, many previous experiences were brought together in the first and perhaps second reading as almost a summary for some and an introduction to others. I feel that what we are about to discuss here is also a part of that, because it brings to the forefront discussions I have had with you about a simultaneous world (some call it a New World), and also bringing forth the information received about those who would come into the Earth from the Homeland with our Brother when the Promise is manifest. So, that’s just a little introduction of, as you mentioned, this broad topic.

LAMA SING: If you think, from the perspective of a finite dimension such as the Earth realm, you can grasp very quickly the concept of simultaneity, for you have on the one side of your Earth a population and a standard set of belief, and many other things that define, more or less categorically, the populous on that side of the planet. All the while, on the opposite side of the planet is another group and speaking different languages, having different beliefs, and all this sort that makes the two groups individual, unique. One is dwelling in the darkness of night, and the other in the brilliance of daytime. This could clearly be an example of simultaneity, could it not?


LAMA SING: And if we were to move beyond the finite into the infinite and consider that here we are now looking at all of the possibilities that could be summoned up to be expressed as a part of the choices of the Children of God, then we could find ourselves (we suspect, with a note of some loving humor) a bit dazzled by the number, the sheer number of dualities or complexities of expression that are possible. Witness, if you will, the definition that was used as the Tourmaline Aria as a location for Todd and Julie.

And so, we take you now on a bit of a journey … not so much so to show you the vastness of Consciousness, for we realize that you have a knowing of this. But rather, to bring to the forefront the realization that you direct the course of your movement. We have spoken in the past, as has our brother … You direct the course of your journey. You may feel as though you are being buffeted by forces outside of self, or by emotions and habits that have been accumulated over a lifetime or two, and on and on. Or you may feel that you have journeyed into a (we’ll call it) level of expression in consciousness that has been collectively chosen by a group of souls to be defined in this certain way. And so, because you have journeyed here —remember you are the captain of this vessel’s movement, and you have chosen to journey here—so you are now experiencing their choices.

You could think at the onset, My, what have I chosen here? Or, you could be very astute and say, my, what have I journeyed into, and realize these to be the collective choices of others. Why is this of any value or importance to be pointed out here? Because it is, in a miniature, the answer to some of your questions, at least, as to what lays ahead for those of you who will choose to follow the pathway of the Promise.

The pathway of the Promise is the movement of the Christ Spirit across Consciousness. The Christ Spirit is the original expression of Love, Compassion, Peace, and all that and so much more that would be aligned to be with the Christ Spirit. And this, in its first expression, you could think of this as someone speaking a greeting to you from across some distance. And you hear the greeting, and you turn and look this way and that, but you do not know exactly where the source of the greeting is coming from. In this instance, the Promise is the eternal Call of God, and it is coming to you, to everyone, essentially from everywhere.

So, for we to say you will hear and know the Promise at this certain juncture, under these certain conditions and so on would be to minimize, would be to reduce the Glory of what awaits you.

Is this much reasonably clear?

SUSAN: Yes, very.

LAMA SING: Moving forward, then … The Promise is, in essence, upon the Earth now. What does this mean? some have asked.

The Promise is the Glory of God. The Promise is, again, that Call that is the original beauty of the Christ Spirit. And therefore, it is the Christ Spirit that brings the Promise back into the fullness of consciousness in the realm of Earth—and elsewhere, to be sure—once again.

So, how can we say that the Promise is there, it is upon the Earth even as we speak? We can say this because you are there. You are a part of the Promise. You have journeyed with the Christ in the past and have chosen to continue to journey with Him, and to answer the call with Him wherever it was appropriate and wherever it was possible for you to so do.

You are among a number of many others who feel much the same, who have experienced much the same, and who are reaching out, just so, as you.

Why, then, do not all the wars stop if the Promise is upon the Earth? Why does not dis- ease vanish? Why would there ever be anything similar to conflict, disagreement, emotional challenges such as anger or hatred and that sort?

The simplistic answer is because it can be; the more complex answer is, because some are still choosing it.

What we believe will happen does not make it so. To be very, very clear to you: This is not a prophecy from we here, but it is not the opposite either. It is what we see as probable; it still remains to be chosen:

As the sum of those who choose to dwell in the glory of their choices and habits (and, to them, it is their glory), continue to sustain their position, then, as the Promise reaches its full manifestation and becomes visible to all who are willing to see, a point of transition will occur. And there will be the continuity of experiences that are of the choices of those who prefer to continue on as they are. (Note that we are stating these in the briefest of terms.) And when those who are His, and who answer the Call, come to the forefront, they will stand and face one another. You may see this in some instances in a variety of different ways, but the most prevalent will be at the level of spirit, and of mind, heart.

Some will bring this choice to a point of confrontation, and the confrontation may invoke an upheaval that will be felt from the Earth itself, first as it reflects the energies of the Children of God who are dwelling upon it, within it. And there will be that which is the beauty of those who are dwelling in the same way but in a sense of peacefulness.

The movement, then, will be into a state of separateness. Not to imply that anything is separate from the Oneness of God, for all things are of God, and God is within all that is. But, on the basis of your questioning and those of the questions of others, there will be a separation, and there will be a movement of a level of consciousness that will carry those who choose the Promise to a new realm of expression that is similar to much of what you have discussed over the past Earth years: a realm wherein no one is bound to another; that each has the right of choice; and that all of the expressions therein have the fullness of Freedom to be as they are intended to be by the Word of God.

What does this mean to be in this fashion? Does it mean that the color red will be the color red? Or that the tone Middle E will be the tone Middle E? Perhaps so. But greater than this will be the realization that you are greater than you have allowed yourself to believe in the level of Earth that you just came from. That you are a Child of God, just so the same as the Master. And as you come together in this new realm of expression, you will manifest after this. You will be Free—to explore, to create, to acknowledge. And that which is left behind … not in the literal expression of those words by definition, but by the inference of the choices of those who stay in the energies of their habits within the choices that they have collected over, perhaps lifetimes, if you will.

So, you would have a realm (let us call it that, if you will) wherein many souls have (quote) “graduated” (end quote) (with some tongue and cheek, here) because they have set themselves Free from that which they have been dependent upon for many, many life- times. They have graduated because they now accept that they and God are One, and in the acceptance of this Oneness, they can be where God is: straightforward, that means where they choose.

Those who remain in the Earth realm as it is, essentially, will continue to grow and expand, will continue to have wonderful opportunities to discover the true nature of their being. And some of you may choose to return now and then to bring them a bit of light of understanding, to bring them a bit of hope when one of their habits has burdened them too heavily. There isn’t a one of them that can stray too far away; there isn’t a one of them that ever is absent from God’s Love.

So, as you, the graduates, might choose to journey to the Earth for a time during a great conflict and to contribute that which is of God within you to what is occurring, a beauty will rise into fruition. And that is something that is very, very profound, because if you, as a graduate, make a choice to return to the Earth to be of service in God’s Name, with God, answering a call, beauty is born in that position, in that location. It is as though you have turned on an illluminator, a light, because you choose to leave the perfection and Glory of Freedom to spend a part of your consciousness in service to another who has chosen limitation. The gift that remains is like a flower that has just bloomed, but this flower will never fade. Its petals will never fall. It will remain forever as a gift between brother and sister, sister and brother. That sort. See?

Coming around to the other side of this discussion, you would find that there is always the opportunity for those who choose to remain in the familiar to move on. The processes that are in place—by their choice and by their creation—enable them to leave the Earth through various means … one of them you call death. And in the process of death, there is the movement into the loving neutrality of God, the river of God’s Love and Light, and life. Here, the choices are reviewed and made, and as one of our sweet sisters pointed out, she said she wondered if someone would really choose to come into the Earth and incarnate with her if they knew they were going to have to face some challenges, some conflicts and such. 2 (spoken with humor, of course). Well, there are many who would gladly do this for you, because the beauty that they would bring to the forefront is that which you have brought to them in past.

So we come around to a different viewpoint, a different perspective, that this is not the first moment of such a powerful manifestation of potential, nor is it the first expression of the Promise. It is, however, the first expression since we gave it in the retelling of the story some time back.

If all of you get really serious—as Zachary calls it, get down with it and get serious—and believe in yourselves and your brethren, and stop using words and phrases that limit you, and do all that you know to do that brings to you and others a sense of joy, a smile, happiness, then this will bear fruit. And from the fruits will come the seeds of new opportunities for more growth, more opportunity to see yourselves in differing events and circumstances. Those who have chosen to remain would experience much of this; the ones who have graduated could experience any amount that they might choose and never be limited in any wise as they do.

Reaching the pinnacle of the Promise is rather like reaching the ultimate of your potential as a Child of God. This simply means that you would come to BE as God sees you, and that is no small thing. That is something that would be, and is, celebrated all throughout Consciousness. And why would it be like that? Who would care anyway if one little old soul over there in the corner of consciousness breaks Free and finds themselves to be, indeed, a Child of God? It’s the lines of light. These are the Love Lines that connect God to everything that is. These are the sources through which God’s constant presence flows and gives the potential for being to all that is. And so, this certainly gives rise to justification for celebration by everyone, by all of Consciousness. See?

We’ll pause a moment here in the event that you might have comments or questions.

SUSAN: Yes, for those who will be listening to this or reading the transcript, this one, little, old soul who has broken free, just for clarification for any newcomers, those lines of light he spoke of reach all whom that one has ever known or touched, or been touched by. Correct?

LAMA SING: Yes, this is correct. And at a different level, those lines of light connect you with all that is, and that different level is at the level of Oneness with God. But for sake of understanding, the lines of light are interactive exchanges between the Children of God, individuals and groups. See?

SUSAN: Yes. I’m aware, as the Channel mentioned before we decided to come to you this morning, that this may take a number of such meetings for further and further clarification. But one thought or question that comes to mind that I think others would be interested in … In a reading that was given in 2011, you spoke of those who were a part of the Homeland (and that is fully noted in the glossary for the Selah readings, so we don’t real- ly need to explain that, unless you feel that it’s necessary), but those who are in the Homeland are among those who would choose to come in with our Elder brother, the Christ, at the time of the Promise, and that they would do so in form that we are familiar with, but not through the process called birth.

I think that’s a clear enough statement in and of itself, but it does beg the question then of this simultaneous expression, this new realm or world, the “Graduates” … Do we take our form with us? And, I’m assuming that because nothing is bound or limited, that the form would be our creation, and it would not be dependent upon anything other than our Father for its survival. Are these two correct?

LAMA SING: A moment, please…

If we realize that the Earth is populated by many souls, not all of whom have entered by way of birth presently … Clear?


LAMA SING: Those souls would have no physical form to take with them, for it was fashioned (you might say) by them as a vehicle to do a work when they entered. They are generally called walk-ins, but there are more titles than that.

There are other souls who would find that bringing their physical form with them in some reflective way … Note, not the literal, for that which is of the Earth remains with the Earth; that which is at the … (for sake of reference now, not literal numeric value) that which is at the third level of expression remains at the third level of expression, unless there is the choice to lift the consciousness involved with that thing—that article, that body or what have you—to a higher level.

So, essentially, you are correct, yes … those little caveats, see?

SUSAN: Yes. And pardon me, for some of these questions are probably at a very base level, but I think they will help to build understanding. As I was speaking with the Channel, I was saying that in … I loosely use this term, My World … in my world the beautiful dolphins that we so love would not be inclined, or would not need, to feed off of other fish, that they would be free and would jump, and swim about, and play with other fish. Likewise with all the creatures. Therefore, likewise with we, ourselves.

Just trying to build an image that others could participate in to help raise the conscious- ness and bring this about. Could you comment to that, please?

LAMA SING: Yes, of course, we can comment, and we have a goodly number that have gathered around to speak to that, for it is, as you will see, a very interesting point that you raise.

The dolphins … Do you see them as beautiful?

SUSAN: I do. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

LAMA SING: If they didn’t have the form they have, would you still think of them as beautiful?

SUSAN: Yes, because I think their form just represents the beauty that they already are.

LAMA SING: So, what you love about them is something other than their physical structure?

SUSAN: Yes, although their form is beautiful to watch, as well.

LAMA SING: And so, what you are saying, if we might translate a bit here, taking some latitude … You do like the idea of them keeping their dolphin shape, yes?


LAMA SING: And you do like the idea of them keeping some water to play in, yes?


LAMA SING: And perhaps some friends to play with, yes?


LAMA SING: Then, turn this around. They are very brilliant in their consciousness. Their spirits are very bright. They see you, they know you, they feel you, and at this very moment, they are participating, in a way, with this communication: May we ask you to keep your form? May we ask you to keep your environ such as you have suggested that we keep the oceans and such, our environ?

You see this? It begins to become very clear, doesn’t it? Or is the opposite true?

SUSAN: Well, it goes back to what you said at the beginning of the nearly numbing variety of choices.

LAMA SING: Ah, yes, but we are talking about a situation that is very specific. We are referring to the beautiful dolphins, and the beautiful you, and your brothers and sisters who love them as well, right?


LAMA SING: So, this group of consciousness that is created by God has wonderful beauty and potential. In its current environment, it is structured to require external sustenance. If it is allowed, or gains graduation, either one, then might we assume that it no longer requires external support for survival?

SUSAN: Absolutely.

LAMA SING: So then, the structure that the dolphin exists in presently provides its shelter, its nourishment, all that it loves and is familiar with, and just like it is so for many people in the Earth who feel the same way about their environ. See? So, now, where does this put us in our conversation?

SUSAN: Similar to how expression forms for our enjoyment, and we for theirs, in the Homeland. Could it be something like this? In other words, not bound, but because it is loved, it appears.

LAMA SING: Yes. This is one of the pivotal points of the Homeland and the overall term: Freedom. When you have a state of Freedom, what do you have? If you have Freedom, you are love, you are compassion, you are joy, you are grace, you are forgiveness, and on and on. And so, if you are in the Homeland, and you have a thought of a beautiful dolphin, and you round a bend and there is a body of water and a beautiful dolphin appears and does a tail dance across the water, smiling at you as it does, leaping and cavorting and such. … Have you forced it to do this? What has caused the dolphin to be there for you?

The point here is that all things are known. Freedom means that Knowing, Seeing, Being are all states that you have fluidity in, and since all of Consciousness is a part of the Freedom that you are, Father’s Word forms into that which brings you joy, whether you round the bend and see a field of beautiful yellow flowers, or a body of water and a tail-dancing dolphin, or some beautiful tropical birds that sing and come to rest upon your arm?

Any of these and all of these and far greater are potentials that happen because it brings you joy and because you love them, and the joy and the love open the way for this to occur. Now, we are looking at the Promise, aren’t we? The Promise means that you love and have joy, sufficient that you open the Way. And it is that straightforward. See?

SUSAN: Okay, so earlier in this conversation you said that there would come that time when there would be the choice. What of those who do not know of the choice? How will they know? If our Brother, the Master, enters a battlefield with legions of these beautiful brothers and sisters in form, coming from the Homeland, surely most of them would lay down their arms and see there is something greater than shooting one another. My question just comes back to, how will this choice be made apparent?

LAMA SING: You do not make the decision for them. They must make it. You do not have to prepare a certain time and place for them to be Free. They must choose it.

The Master has walked across battlefields many times to come to the aid of fallen ones. He has looked up into the eyes of warriors and saw nothing in return of recognition. The warrior simply glared at Him, did not harm Him or make any attempt to do so, but shrugged and moved on.

So the Master has walked in the battlefields of Earth. He has come to the aid of fallen ones, along with Mary and the Maidens as they have pledged to serve. He has done (as you call it) many healings right there in the midst of the gunfire and bombings. He has covered small children with His arms and smiled at them as the bombs went off all around, and then, when it was over, embraced them and departed.

Some, if you could find them, would tell you of the stranger who cared for them during the bombing. But does it really matter, because if you believe, then that is the nature of that as we have told you. If you do not believe, it wouldn’t matter how many children re- peated the same story. See?

SUSAN: Yes. I understand that there’s not going to be any fixing of anything, any correcting of anything. I’m only thinking of those who … I guess you just answered it … can’t see. There will come a time when they will see.

LAMA SING: Well, sweet sister, is it so that they cannot see? Or is it possible that they do not wish to see? That they do not choose Seeing? We are not answering the question, although we could and add many more answers. What’s important here is what you, each of you, as Children of God choose to do now as the Promise is manifesting. For there are very few influences that are more powerful than to see the brilliance of the Christ Light, manifested Itself where it was not.

And if you can move forward, claiming your Freedom, your Christ Light, they will see it and feel it. On some level, they will see it and feel it, and they will pause, and they will question. And at that point, some will turn and follow you. Perhaps not you in the literal sense of following Susahn, but following the bright light that is composed of Susahn and Judi and Judith and Mary and all of you … all of you.

This is why we have encouraged you, from the beginning, to come together in the Holy Circle, the Sacred Circle. And as you hold the light, the simple open-handed love of one another as a circle of light, it grows, it influences and it spreads. This, you see, is the true answer to what you are seeking.

The Promise is a Light that comes to be added to the light of Consciousness that is surrounding the Earth at all times. The Promise is as though another being of great Light comes to join your Sacred Circle, and because their Light is added to yours, there is an expansion. Not just one plus fifty, or something of that sort, but much more than this, because with the Promise comes the great number who believe and who have been with Him from the beginning. See?

SUSAN: Thank you, so much. I have one more small question. Why was the name, Selah … why did it seem to overlight this project so that it would be called Selah?

LAMA SING: It is the statement of acknowledging the sacredness of God and the Christ as One. When the Master calls out in this way, He is summoning that which is sacred. And as you, in your group, would call out in the same way, you are calling forth that which is sacred from within yourself, which is as to say, the beautiful uniqueness of You, as God has created You.

The Master wishes us to remind you all to remember that within you is the potential, just so the same as is within Him. And as one comes to you and asks of you, if you give to them from within, He will give with you. Some of you who have met challenges, if you face these challenges in the Name of the Christ and be the instrument of the Christ, whether this is to improve your eyesight by gently touching your temples and stating, These are the hands that God has given to me to use in the name of the Christ. It is in His name that I bring your healing Grace, Father, to this body, that it be healed … it is a time for you if you choose to reach out beyond the familiar to use what you know to be perfect, and to claim the power.

It is a time for the miracles to begin at a new level. And as each of you realize this and join together and do these works together, as we have continually urged you to do in the Sacred Circle and in the manner as we have recounted previously, you will see more and more evidence (if you like that word) … results (we think would be better). But you are the masters of your own choices. Now is the time to apply this. See?

We thank those of you who have come forward to serve with our brother and sister in these good works. We are embracing you and offering you our blessings, just so as you are doing. May it bring a great glory to God and to all of Consciousness, as we celebrate together in a song of prayer unto God.

Fare thee well, then, for the present, dear sister and all of you. Our love is with you.


1 Curious Ones – Susan’s name for those in the shadows who come to see what we are about, attracted particularly by Al’s path. We pray for these continually.

2 A sweet sister wondered – This refers to a Sacred Circle member, Linda, and a question she posed in the Discussions begun by Susan on Dec 8. This is on the Selah website.



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