Message from Lama Sing

Posted  October 10 – Seed Thought



This is another page from our new book: Seed Thoughts to Consciousness. This excerpt is from a reading given in 2012.

Lama Sing:  If a child is born into the lands of Syria some 20-odd Earth years past, surely it has known, at the level of his consciousness prior to entry, that such events as are occurring in the present would occur. So, is it the ruler’s doing that so many of these have perished? By the rod of Earth it is measured as such, indeed, and that is accurate by the measure of the rod of Earth. But in the eternal measurement, as it might be conversely presented, there is no demarcation, no boundary. The event is a moment, if one chooses to know it, and it is looked upon, from Knowing, as one would look upon a single flower in a grand mountainside filled with flowers, too many to number. That event is one such flower, and its coloration and brilliance, its tone and fragrance, it’s very energy is unique. And so is it with the sum and substance of that which we have just given.

It is upon the challenges and the opportunities for one to see and feel and know that they can, the better, make choices … that they can, the better, call forth the power of their righteousness as a child of God. And, as that one we exemplified 20 years ago chose to enter in Syria has, in the day just passed, released his physical body – died, as you would call it in the Earth – he knows he has done a good work. His presence contributed to the awakening of consciousness, that all of God’s children are granted freedom, the right to choose.

The journey into Earth is a choice. The journey from Earth is a choice. Whether it happens to you or is called to you or you, by your actions, predicate it, from the level of Knowing, it is a choice.