The New Lama Sing Website

Open-140401For four decades, while the Lama Sing group was giving information sought after by individuals and groups, Al was off  having incredible experiences on “the other side,” phenomenally similar to the NDE descriptions (near death experiences)

The remarkable difference is that Al has this experience at will. He controls when the experience happens.

Last December Al began using his journeys not so much to gain information but to focus on the experience in the “beyond” again and again and bring that experience back each time, with the intent to set free the infinite within while yet finite. The journeys continue to be recorded because, here and there during them Lama Sing continues to offer comments to all.

The purpose of this website is to share the current messages and past readings from the Lama Sing group as well as the insights obtained by Al from his journeys and how he is discovering how to incorporate that Consciousness into his life on Earth.

I hope your visits here contribute to your expanding awakening.
Warm blessings,
Al Miner


Thank you to Jim McKelvey for most all the photography.