The Lama Sing Website

Welcome to the Al Miner / Lama Sing website.

  • On the first page, titled “Message”, we offer the most recent messages from Lama Sing.
  • On the second page, titled “Column”, Al shares his experiences as the channel.

Some have said they are inspired by the energy when they hear Lama Sing and Al. Others are intrigued by the difference between the voices. For those reasons we include the audios for the first two pages.

  • The third page is for the current and previous Q&As. Questions can be sent in, which are answered by either Lama Sing or Al.
  • Under “Other” you can browse the readings and books currently available, explore the archives, send in a prayer request and/or sign up to be a member of our prayer group, called The Watch.

If you are new to this source, you might want to start with a visit to Al’s Story.

To receive current information for free from Lama Sing and Al, subscribe using the button at the bottom of any page.

Thank you for visiting.
Al and Susan Miner

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